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How Pointspread Errors are Handled by Las Vegas and Online Sportsbooks

How Pointspread Errors are Handled by Las Vegas and Online Sportsbooks

It must be understood that printed odds are for information purposes only and that they are subject to change. Patrons to Las Vegas sportsbooks may come in contact with a line sheet with odds on them. Odds are subject to change as sports bettors make bets at casinos, as the betting action is ongoing. If the betting action becomes very heavy on one-side oddsmakers will make moves on the betting line. What a sports betting patron sees on paper may not be the actual betting odds at the time of placing a bet. The line that is posted on the betting board in Las Vegas is much more accurate. There may be mistakes made by online and Las Vegas sportsbooks when setting the pointspread. At times typos or human input error will show the wrong team being favored. However, with the exception of obvious line errors, the odds that are quoted at the time bets are accepted shall be deemed valid and will be used to determine winners, losers, and ties.

Las Vegas and online sportsbooks maintain a record of all final scores and results, and statistics to protect both players and the sportsbook in the case of obvious mechanical or human error. The players do have recourse in disputes. Las Vegas sportsbook’s have a chain of command in their staff. There are ticket writers, supervisors, directors and sportsbook managers on duty in a sportsbook in Las Vegas. A sports bettor who may have a dispute can take it up with a supervisor on duty. There are always supervisors in a Las Vegas sportsbook during operating hours on duty. At times the supervisor may not be able to make a decision and they will then take up the dispute with their immediate supervisor for a solution. Sports bettor’s should keep in mind that sportsbooks are not liable for printing or other errors relative to the transfer of information. Sportsbooks reserves the right to inform the public of obvious mistakes/errors (i.e., the incorrect posting of odds), and to make the appropriate adjustments.

For a sports bettor who places bets at online sportsbook’s they can find help with their sportsbook disputes in many ways. Each online sportsbook has a customer service email and a toll free number to reach an attendant for help. Most sportsbook’s online are very responsive in dealing with their customers. Another source of help for sports bettor’s with their disputes is to frequent sports betting forums on the internet. Many sports betting forum operators will take the lead in sports betting disputes if the dispute happens to be with sportsbook who advertises on their website. The website operator by helping resolve disputes with sports bettors and sportsbooks stands to benefit with increased traffic to their website. The sports bettor who is in dispute is likely to begin posting on the forum message board which increases the website operators traffic and becomes a member of the forum community. It also gives the sports betting forum operator good public relations in front of their forum community. The best practice that online sports betting professionals follow is to post their disputes on public sports betting forums because the issue will become a priority for the forum operator and the online sportsbook who want to protect their reputation.

In the case of an obvious error on a posted line, any and all single bets will be graded “Void” and all money to cover said bets will be returned to players’ accounts. Parlays involving such lines will be reduced accordingly. Sportsbooks will adjust the line appropriately to remedy the situation, and the line replacing the obvious error will be deemed the true line or odds for betting purposes. This rule must be understood and accepted by players who notice the error.